Rabies is 100% Fatal (Catch the Disease, You're Good as Dead)

Rabies remains a public health problem in the Philippines. Approximately 300 to 600 Filipinos die of rabies every year. Our country ranked third worldwide in rabies incidence in 2000.

Dogs remain the principal reservoir of rabies in the country. More than 50% of those affected by rabies are school-age children.

The most cost effective measure against rabies is through vaccination of dogs. Annually, dog vacinnation is conducted at the local parish or municipal health unit.

When Bitten by a Dog:
1.) Wash the wound immediately with soap and water. Do not cover the wound with bandage, leave it exposed to the air.
2.) Consult a physician immediately or call the nearest Animal Bite Treatment Center

Animal Bite Treatment Center: (02) 8006644 Metro Manila
If you are located outside Manila, you may inquire through PLDT (187) of the local Animal Bite Treatment Center

Complicated Cases are usually managed in hospitals such as the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM the national referral center for rabies). A health institution may have their staff undergo training to be accredited as an Animal Bite Treatment Center throught the RITM Medical Department.

Prior to sending your training request. Contact persons are Ms. Ajhie Almazan or Ms. Nila Morante at 807-2628 to 32, local 801) or e-mail mailto:aalmazan@ritm.gov.ph.



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  2. Rabies causes 60,000 deaths worldwide, half of which are in India. There are no Rabies in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Great Britain, and some islands. All mammals are capable of transmitting rabies, although 99% are from dogs.


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