Water Treatment to Avoid Diarrhea

The recent typhoon that befell in the Philippines has caused a major problem in providing clean water to the evacuees. There has been increasing incidences of food poisoning and water-borne diarrhea. Poor environmental sanitation, defective water supply facilities, and improper water handling and storage practices were found to be the primary reasons for the occurence of diarrhea epidemic.

Bringing tons of clean water to the vast area would be a logistical problem. Hence, the World Health Organization strongly endorses the use of low-strength Sodium Hypochlorite solution for making drinking water safe at household level.

Commercially this can be bought as "Hyposol" in drug stores. An alternative would be the commercial laundry sodium hypochloride such as "Zonrox or Chlorox" in diluted form. It is the use of this chemical to treat and disinfect the raw or contaminated water.

Steps in Using Hyposol for Water Disinfection
1. Fill 1 liter or 20 liter plastic container with water. If water is turbid, filter it with clean cloth.
2. Open sealed bottle of Hyposol.
3. Pour required amount of Hyposol to raw water as indicated:

20 liters water to 3.5 ml of Hyposol using measuring cup
(or 20 liters of water to 1 teaspoon of "Zonrox or Chlorox")

4. Close water container, shake well and allow 30 minutes contact time for disinfection to take effect.
5. Open the container and aerate it for 10-15 minutes then close again.
6. After 30 minutes, water is safe and ready to drink for both young and adults.

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