Temporary Shelter for a Patient

Hello! I am Dr. Jason E. Abello from Philippine Children's Medical Center. I am writing in behalf of the medical team who is caring for Angel S.

He is a 3 month old male who has Hirschsprung's Disease and underwent colostomy last month. His operation has been successful and is recuperating. However, his mother is diagnosed with Generalized Mood Disorder with history of harming Angel S.

She will require treatment and confinement at the National Center for Mental Health. Hopefully we can reintegrate her to the patient once her illness has improved. I am posting this blog, hoping that kind souls or institutions may help us refer our patient to a TEMPORARY shelter until the mother's disease is stabilized.

The mother is from Mindanao of which her relatives can't be contacted. The DSWD has assessed acquiantances or friends of the mother to be inadequate in caring for the child. We are hoping for your kind assistance. 

Jason E. Abello, MD
Office: 9246601 local 338
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