Flooded Philippines - Metro Manila


I had my share walking in the flooded waters of Metro Manila. This is along Quezon Avenue where the stranded commuters had to hold on to a rope just to get pass the raging water current.

Two days after the surprising incident, 92 people were recorded dead. The storm was labeled "Ondoy" with signal number 1. However, this level was not proportionate to the catastrophe it caused. I believe that storm signals are measured by wind speed. It doesn't measure the amount of rainfall which should be a factor to be considered nowadays with the global warming. Massive ice mass has already been converted to liquid and vapor, thus the tremendous amount of rainfall.

On the other hand, some blame it on deforestation and poor sewerage system. I'll give credit to this and so is the disconcerted efforts for relief and rescue. Everyone has her or his own thing going on for the relief.
Whether for humanitarian or political reasons, it has to be understood that equity and efficiency must be upheld in the provision of assistance. The NGOs must coordinate with the Department of Social Welfare so that redundancy and inequity are avoided.

DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WELFARE AND DEVELOPMENT - DSWD Building, Batasan Complex Quezon City Metro Manila Phone: +63(2)9318101
On the health aspect, the people should look out for diseases relating to 

1.)respiratory tract infection presenting as colds and cough, 
2.)gastroentiritis presenting as diarrhea or lack of appetite, 
3.) leptospirosis presenting initially as generalized body weakness, fever, thigh & leg pains.

Proper nutrition, shelter, rest, proper hygiene and avoiding injury are the things needed to avoid these ailments while exposed to flood waters and poor weather condition. There may be a need to bring them to a health center or doctor when the person is 

1.) constantly vomiting or too weak to take anything, 
2.) dehydrated 
or 3.) when the disease has been more than seven (7) days, whichever of the three comes first.

If still unsure, you can visit your nearest health center for advice on how to take care of the patient at home or in the hospital.

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