1.  Spouse (Wife or Husband)
– Dapat hindi siya active Philhealth member.
If your wife or husband is previously a Philhealth member, have her/him write a letter or a statement that she/he is no longer an active Philhealth member. Puedeng idagdag kung bakit at kung kelan siya tumigil paying her/his Phihealth premiums.
– Bring a copy of your marriage certificate.
2. Children
Your children are qualified dependents as long as they are:
– below 21 years old (Bring birth certificate)
– unmarried
– unemployed
(Dapat below 21 years old, unmarried and unemployed. Kung unmarried pero 21 years old na or older, hindi na puede. Kung unemployed pero 21 years old na or older, hindi na rin puede.)
– puedeng 21 years old or older if the child is suffering from physical or mental disability that makes him/her totally dependent on you for support (Bring birth certificate and certification from a doctor that the child is mentally or physically disabled)
– puedeng illegitimate child — parents are not married — as long as the birth certificate shows that the Philhealth applicant is one of the parents
– puedeng adopted child (Bring a copy of court decree of adoption)
– puedeng stepchild (Bring marriage contract between Philhealth applicant and biological parent. Bring also birth certificate of stepchild)
– puedeng foster child (Bring document issued by the DSWD)
Note:  Children under 21 who are single but will soon give birth to a child, or already have a child or children are advised to become members so that their children will have Philhealth coverage as dependents.
3.  Parents
Your parents are qualified as dependents if they are:
– 60 years old or older
– not active Philhealth members
– Puede na ang parents younger than 60 years old kung meron silang permanent disability and they are totally dependent on their children for subsistence (Philhealth will require proof).
– Bring your birth certificate and the birth certificates of your parents (or any document showing parents’ dates of birth).
– puedeng stepparent, if biological parents are already deceased (Bring your birth certificate, marriage certificate between your biological parent and your stepparent, and any document showing stepparent’s date of birth. Bring na rin death certificates of biological parents)
– puedeng adoptive parents (Bring Court Decree of Adoption and any document showing adoptive parents’ dates of birth.)
– Bring original and xerox copies of papers needed, baka lang gusto nilang tingnan yong original.
– Make sure your dependents are written as dependents in your Member Data Record (MDR) so that your Philhealth benefit claiming process becomes easier.
– To apply, fill out the Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF).
Check “For Enrollment” — if new applicant
Check “For Updating” — if changing civil status, names, birth dates or adding or changing dependents
– Bring birth certificates, marriage certificates or other relevant documents when updating Member Data Record.
Sinu-sino ang mga hindi puedeng dependents?
1.   Children 21 years old or older (except those with disability)
2.  Married children
3.  Employed children (kasi member na sila through their employers)
4.  Siblings (mga kapatid)
5.  Parents younger than 60 years old who have no permanent disability
6.  Aunts or uncles
7.  Parents-in-law
8.  Cousins
9.  Sisters or brothers-in-law
10.  Other Relatives Not Mentioned in the Puede List

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